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Radscan Medical Equipment, Inc
The Creators of Slicker® Cushions and Slicker® Table Covers!

Radscan Medical Equipment has a variety of products available to help you protect and maintain your sensitive medical equipment and machines.

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Improved Clean Up

Radscan Medical Equipment CT Slicker Products are made of flexible plastic material that is easy to clean and sanitize effectively. Our products are non-porous and will not absorb fluids.

Reduced Repairs

The flaps on our Slicker Products are designed to prevent fluids from entering inside the scanner. This keeps the machine from breaking down and available for your patients.

Reduced Costs

Fewer repairs and easier cleanups lead to quicker turnaround times between patients for your department! This means your department can run more efficiently with less downtime.

Premium Quality

Only the highest quality materials are used in the manufacturing of our products so they can withstand high friction from patient transfers and repeated use without ripping or tearing.