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About Us

The company was formed in 1990 when its founder, a biomedical engineer, was dealing with CT machine downtime due to contaminants penetrating under the cradle to the interior of the table. The CDC regulations recognizing the danger of exposure to HIV and hepatitis C were a concern since contaminate caused maintenance involved dismantling the table. The maintenance worker was often exposed to blood in an environment where skinned knuckles and other abrasions are common, even when double gloved. He decided the best solution was to prevent the internal contamination before it happened. After designing and testing various solutions, the first CT SlickerĀ® was created and patented.

The company has since expanded on that original patent, and now offers products for a broad array of CT, angiography, nuclear medicine, and cardiac catheter tables. We work with a number of equipment manufacturers to create new and functionally innovative designs for their imaging equipment.

Our production equipment produces parts repeatedly and rapidly to fill orders of any size.

Our products keep contaminates out of sensitive machinery and can be easily cleaned.

Radscan Medical Equipment, Inc. designs and produces products to enhance infection control practices, reduce clean up times, and reduce equipment maintenance for the medical industry. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, we primarily supply original equipment manufacturers, and other dealers throughout the world. We also supply individual sites, and will produce specialized covers and cushions for older or unique configurations.