Siemens CT Slicker for 18 3/4″ x 85″ sized table pad and has 4 equally spaced pieces of Velcro on the bottom of the pad. Siemens OEM Part # 10191419

  • Somatom Definition AS with PHS-4 Table
  • Somatom Definition Edge with PHS-4 Table
  • Somatom Edge Plus with PHS-4n Table
  • Somatom Definition Flash with PHS-4 Table
  • Somatom Drive with PHS-4b Table
  • Somatom Force with PHS-5 Table
  • Somatom Go with Vario 2 table
  • Biograph Vision 600 with 85″ Table Pad
  • Somaris X Series (Shorter 85” Pad) for X.Ceed, X.Cite, and Naeotom Alpha

If you have the longer 94.5″ table pad please refer to Part # CT-SP40-03.

If you would like a full replacement set including a new table pad, please refer to Part # SCS0195SA.

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